DirectorMuto ManabuProfessor, MD, PhD, Department of Therapeutic Oncology, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University

There are still many people around the world suffering from intractable diseases such as cancer and rare diseases for which no treatment is available.
At the same time, there would be no end to those who lose the time they could spend with their precious family, friends, or lovers, as well as those who lose someone dear and feel sad and painful.

Under such circumstances, Kyoto University has one of the world's leading achievements in the field of regenerative medicine using iPS cells and basic medical science such as cancer immunology research.

We at the Center orchestrate scientific achievements of Kyoto University and promote R&D to deliver various promising medicinal seeds to clinical settings as soon as possible by using our scientific acumen and advanced medical technologies.

We believe that the new medical care that will be born here will not only save patients who are suffering from diseases all over the world today, but will also contribute to creating a society where our children can live healthier and happier lives.

To CONNECT patients, pharmaceutical companies, and the University leads to cutting-edge and creative clinical studies that will change the healthcare of the future.

"From Kyoto to the world, and to the next generation"

We begin the challenge now.


Manabu Muto